EcycleTek  provides Reverse Supply & logistics Chain Management (RSCM) solutions for government and enterprise businesses in the Technology, Consumer Electronics and Telecom (TCET) sector. We partner with our clients and wireless carriers to optimize the value, growth and sustainability of their global reverse supply chain. We are committed to environmental and responsible reuse of the technology and electronics for the benefits of global societies and communities.



Asset Value Recovery


We help our OEM clients maximize the life cycle value of their supply chain assets through reuse, parts harvesting and remarketing. With EMS-level engineering expertise, we can securely harvest parts from used devices for reuse by OEMs and recover the rest as raw materials. We also have relationships with many of the leading suppliers of specialized materials, such as plastic composites, that we work with to ensure a complete closed-loop recovery.

Testing, Screening, & Repair


EcycleTEK offers Depot Repair services for computers, laptops and a wide variety of other consumer electronics. These services are generally implemented alongside our return merchandise authorization (RMA) processing solutions. This unique combination of services ensures that a single source handles all aspects of the return ensuring for a more cohesive returns process over more standard services. Combining these processes together also reduces risk of product hand off complications, resulting in a more positive and transparent experience for customers.


Mobile Data Wiping


Security is of the utmost importance to EcycleTEK. We have developed proprietary algorithms to overwrite memory of mobile devices, restore default factory settings and more, to ensure all traces of usage and user data are thoroughly and securely removed.


High Compatibility

Support for iOS, Android and Blackberry


Fast and Efficient

Simultaneously erase up to 30 devices at speeds up to 25MB/s


Comprehensive Post-Erasure Reporting

Record details of each devices including device name and model, IMEI code and storage capacity

The Highest Level of Certification

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